UVS 2020 Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box

  • UVC ultraviolet disinfection
    UVC ultraviolet sterilization lamp beads, lamp life of more than 10000 hours, lamp beads sterilization range of less than 10 cm, 5 minutes super sterilization, no radiation, no residue, no ozone, sterilization effect of 99.9%.

    Switch button

    1. One-key operation disinfection, short press the button, the green light is on, you will hear a beep, indicating that the disinfection mode is in progress.

    2. When the disinfection time reaches 5 minutes, you hear three beeps, the indicator light flashes three times and then goes out, indicating that the disinfection is complete.

    Magnet switch + Hall switch

    1. When the magnet sterilization box on the right is working, the lid will automatically turn off the ultraviolet light to prevent damage to the eyes and skin.

    2. Close the lid, connect the magnet to the Hall switch to start sterilization, and automatically shut down after 5 minutes of sterilization.

    3. The magnet on the left attracts the bottom shell of the surface and has a better disinfection effect.

    TYPE-C interface

    1. The TYPE-C interface of DC5V has high power supply efficiency and low power consumption.

    2. The USB connection power bank can supply power to the sterilization box, which is convenient to carry.

    3. When using in the car, it can also work when plugged into the USB port on the car, and the mobile phone is charged while disinfecting.

     QC3.0 10W wireless fast charging
    1. QC compatible smart phone series
    1.Huawei series
    (Huawei Mate30 5G, Mate30 Pro 5G, Mate30RS, P30Pro, Mate20Pro, Mate, Mate RS Porsche, P40Pro.)
    2, Samsung series
    (Galaxy Note10+5G, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy 9, Kelly(SM-W2018), Galaxy S, Leading Flagship 8 (SM-G9298), Galaxy Fold S6/S6 edge, S6/S6 edge+,Note5, S7/S7 edge ,S8/S8+,S9/S9+,S10/S10+/S10e,Note8,Note9,Note10/Note10+,S20 Ultra 5G,S20 5G/S20+5G.)
    3. Apple series (iphone8, Apple iphone8P, iphoneX, iphoneXR, iphoneXS, iphoneXS MAX. iphone11, Apple iphone11P,)
    4. Mi series (Mi 9, Mi 9 Pro, MIX 2S, MIX 3, Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro)
    2. Smart Bluetooth headset series (AirPods Apple Bluetooth headset second generation, AirPods Apple Bluetooth headset third generation)
    3. Wireless charging mouse series (1, Razer Mamba Super Edition 2, Logitech G903+PowerPlay3, Corsair’s Dark SE Shadow+MM1000QI)

    The principle of UVC ultraviolet disinfection box:
    Its disinfection principle is to rely on the ultraviolet lamps on both sides of the disinfection chamber to emit ultraviolet rays together to sterilize the cabin without dead ends. Basically, 99% of the bacteria we come into contact with daily can be eliminated, such as Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Candida albicans and so on. The disinfection box uses 2W disinfection power, which is more than enough for the environment in the disinfection chamber, and it will automatically stop when opened, which fully avoids the radiation caused by the leakage of ultraviolet rays to the human body.
    2.the working principle of ultraviolet sterilization: The sterilization box adopts UVA+UVC dual-wavelength ultraviolet light sterilization technology. UV ultraviolet is a sterilization mode that mimics sunlight and destroys the DNA and other molecular structures of biological cells. Ultraviolet light has a wavelength of 260-280nm, it has the strongest ability to kill or inactivate microorganisms, by destroying nucleic acids and destroying their DNA, making them unable to perform important cellular functions. It takes only 5 minutes to kill 99.9% of bacteria (Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.).
    3.the mobile phone disinfection box product is a high-tech product of the new era, the main features are as follows:
    1. Antivirus fast. It can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses attached to the phone in 5 minutes.
    2. Antivirus thoroughly. It can quickly kill more than 99.9% of various bacteria and viruses attached to the mobile phone.
    3. Wide range of antivirus. The powerful dual ultraviolet lamps can quickly kill a variety of microorganisms that are easy to cause diseases.
    4. Strong applicability. This product is suitable for many types of mobile phones, as well as masks, Bluetooth headsets, mice, toothbrushes, watches, glasses, stationery and other equipment, as well as a variety of small daily necessities, gold and silver jewelry, etc.
    5. Convenient to use, the product is light, very suitable for home, office and travel.
    6. Strong security. Use 5V voltage power supply to improve product safety.
    7. Multiple uses. The built-in incense box can add fragrance to the phone while disinfecting the phone. Button + buzzer + atmosphere lighting control function, you can understand the working status of the product more clearly and intuitively.