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Size: 9 (L)  x  9 (W)  x 15(H) CM

Material: PAPER/ABS/PP

Water Capacity: 100 mL (3.38 fl oz)
Coverage Area: Up to 100 sq ft

Continuous Operation: Up to 4 hours
Intermittent Operation: Up to 6 hours

Light Mode: Blue power indicator light
Automatic safety shut-off
Power: Includes USB Cable (fits into any standard USB port)


Button Functions:
Left Side – Light:
1st Push: Turn blue power indicator light off
2nd Push: Turn blue power indicator light back on
Right Side – Mist:
1st Push = Continuous mist
2nd Push = Intermittent mist at 10-second intervals
3rd Push = Continuous mist with 1-hour mist shut-off timer
4th Push = Continuous mist with 2-hour mist shut-off timer
5th Push = Turns unit off


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