AH220 Humidifier

  • Unit Material: ABS/PP

    Unit Dimensions: 200cm L X 200cm W x 265cm H

    Weight: 1.8kg

    Unit Color: White

    Coverage Area: up to 1000 Sq.Ft.

    Water Capacity: 3 L (3000ml)

    Mist Output per Hour:

    • High: 300ml/ hour
    • Medium:200ml/ hour
    • Low: 100ml/ hour

    Mist running:

    • Mode 1: Continues running
    • Mode 2: 4 hours
    • Mode 3: 8 hours

    Ultrasonic Frequency: 1.7 MHz.

    Continuous Operation:

    • High: Up to 10  hours
    • Medium: Up to 15 hours
    • Low: Up to 27 hours

    Automatically add essential oil:

    All Volume bottle compatible 

    •  Minimum oil volume (5 seconds for each operation) 0.15ml oil volume
    •  Medium fueling capacity (10 seconds per run) Fueling capacity 0.3ml
    •  Maximum refueling amount (15 seconds per operation) Refueling amount 0.45ml

    Speed of Oil dropping: 

    Available in 60/90/120min running mist adding essential oils in three modes:

    • Low: approx. 5 droops 
    • Medium: approx. 8 drops 
    • High: approx. 12 drops 
    • Continue dropping option mode button

    • stop mode.

    Light Modes: Warm white light and off.

    Power/Certification: DC 24V/1A AC Adapter, UL / CE certificated

    Automatic Safety Shut-off: Yes

    BPA-Free: Yes

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